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Strong, Lean, Athletic and feeling better than ever before.

Because you CAN have high performance without feeling like a dumpster fire.

San Angelo Strength and Conditioning is a family oriented gym. Hours are in an "open gym" structure with programming for both athletes and the general population. Don't be surprised to see a local high school baseball player working out next to a 77 year old. Programming can be tailored to each individual. Drop ins are available if you call in advance. All memberships are month to month. Military discounts are always applied for our service members. We are beyond appreciative  for your service. 

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Joe G.

I have been to plenty of gyms around the country doing anything from CrossFit, calisthenics or typical ‘bro’ programs and let me tell ya, you will never find a gym like this one. From the beginning I was welcomed into the SASC family by Aubrey and her clients. Each day I left the gym a little stronger than I was before and even a little more flexible thanks to those simple yet difficult mobility classes (which you should definitely be going to). Aubrey has so much knowledge, expertise and straight up passion for what she does you cannot go wrong choosing her to help you achieve your goals. I just wish there were more places like this around.

Jessica C.

I joined to learn how to properly lift; Aubrey has exceeded that goal by helping me continue to workout during lower back pain and a first pregnancy. If it wasn’t for her I swear I probably would have had a horrible pregnancy experience. She takes the time to understand what’s going on with your body and will either modify or push you to what you are capable of. She gives you tools that are so easy that you are able to use even when she’s not available. I loved the atmosphere of her gym and highly recommend her to those who are new to lifting or are ready to start that weight loss journey!

Steve W.

Phenomenal trainer, great prices and brand new upgraded facility. If you're looking for an established small box gym in San Angelo with a great mix of strength training and high intensity cardio ... stop looking, this is it. As an added bonus, everyone you will work out with are the kind of people you could also enjoy a drink with. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!

UPDATE (15 June 2017): Since January I've lost 26 lbs and about 6 inches off my waist. I was in decent shape in January but Aubrey helped me to step it up a notch. Today I completed my annual US Air Force physical fitness assessment and broke my all time high score record ... at age 41. Thank you Aubreyfor your fantastic coaching, encouragement and nutrition advice!!!

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