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Are you an athlete looking to enhance your performance on the field, court or mat? Do you want tried-and-true workouts to get you stronger, faster and more explosive? 





We've worked with over 368 local athletes and we are now opening up our classes for spring training.

Classes are now enrolling but spots are limited.

  1. Power: Increase your vertical and (throwing, batting, etc.) distance.

  2. Strength: The most underrated tool to improve athleticism.

  3. Speed: Sprint faster, change directions quicker 

  4. Conditioning: We focus on building your aerobic base. Get better at longer runs so shorter runs feel easier!

  5. Mobility: Joint health matters. We're certified with the best programs available. Our techniques are used by pro teams including; Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros, NIKE, Canada Basketball, the Seattle Seahawks, and more.

Email or call for current rates and schedule

In season and off season programs available year-round


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