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Your Gym Membership Is Too Expensive

Yep, you heard that right. I think your unlimited 24/7 access gym memberships costs too much. Now maybe you feel defensive hearing this. Living right now is expensive in general and maybe $10/month is a nice fee you don't mind spending whether you actually go or not...and I think that's the problem.

There are different types of gyms. Large open gyms that want as many members as possible for a low price. There are also small community gyms where you are billed per session and have a much higher monthly fee. I prefer the second option, clearly, and let me explain why.

In a (usually) desperate or high stress situation you decided to join a gym. Whether you got bad news at the doctors office, you saw a loved one suffer from a preventable illness, or you got sick of feeling or looking a certain type of way.

You're making a list and checking boxes. One gym is $10/month, and another is $200/month. You choose the $10/month gym for all those amenities and you go consistently the first few weeks. Some late nights at work or kids basketball games threw you off schedule and you start putting it off. A few weeks pass by, but no stress it costs less than your Netlfix bill.

6 months pass and you still aren't going. Your goals feel more and more unrealistic. You've lost motivation, sight of your best self, and you're back on your same old bullsh*t. Yeah I can say that, it's my website. But hey its just a wasted $60 for those 6 months (out of the 3 year, auto renewing contract) and maybe you'll go again in the future. Maybe.

Now pretend you chose the second option. You go for a few weeks, you're given tools necessary to succeed long term. No there aren't showers, but you are enjoying your progress. A few late work nights or basketball games throw you out of routine and your phone gets a buzz. It's your coach, WTH does she want.

"Yo, I want to see you this week. Make time for just 1 session. Lets build back your routine."

So maybe you feel a little annoyed, but the external pressure is there. Your coach knows all your desires and fitness goals from your intro call and she is holding you accountable. Plus, you're paying a pretty penny and you want to make these sessions count.

So you show back up. You feel good again, you get a gentle lecture on how to handle these situations next time they arise and you check off your box: 1% better every day.

And lets be real, isn't it nice not having to wait on someone who is scrolling Instagram while sitting on the ab machine you want to use.

So just like your nicest shirt hanging in your closet, you know, the one you wouldn't put on to paint your house with, think of the gym as a similar investment - yet realistically MUCH more important. Private fitness studios are not too expensive.

You sidelining your health is.

Stats on gym usage:

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