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The Power in Telling Yourself No.

You're 8 years old, standing in the checkout line with your parents. You look over to your side and there are a few candy bars strategically placed. Bottle Caps, Goobers, Big Hunks, and a Cow Tale just calling your name. You look up and stare directly into your moms eyes, batting your lashes you ask "Can I please get this?" Without a moment of hesitation, she replied, "No."

You're 38 years old, standing in the checkout line. You just did some major damage in the store. Weekly groceries, and a few extras like a craft 6-pack, a box of ice cream bars, and that large bag of Julio's chips. You look over to your side and yet again, you find yourself staring at strategically placed candy bars. Hershey's, Butterfingers, Nerds. Without a moments hesitation you grab a Butterfinger and a Coke from the mini fridge.

A lot of adults struggle with the simplest tool they can use. That tool is called a boundary. You might struggle with implementing them in a lot of areas of your life, and if you do - there is a good chance you also struggle with giving them to yourself.

At some point in your life, you got a job, started buying your own food, clothes, and other resources. You never had to ask for permission to do these things. You work hard and YOLO or Treat Yo Self was the life motto. I could go on with this, but I think my point is noted.

The next time you're wanting to grab fast food when you know damn well you have groceries at home, or the next time you want to grab a large cheesecake at the store. Just tell yourself no, and walk away. There are healthier alternatives, there are individual slices, there is food at home you can cook.

Just like any other person, you may respond poorly to your own boundary. You might feel upset or think I'm an idiot for suggesting this to you. And that's ok, if you can't respect your boundary you can learn from your response, continue to enforce the boundary for yourself and watch your life transform in a positive way.

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