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The best mask for your face shape and budget

Kidding! We all know the mask doesn't make the man. But it can make all the difference in regards to safety, breathability, how well it stays in place, and whether or not it matches your monochrome outfit you have for your next gym session.

Below are some of the top rated or

just some of my favorite masks to wear when running errands or lifting weights next to you all.

This mask has multiple layers of material (2-3 layers has been shown to be best). So it protects you as well as those around you. It also comes in different sizes and has adjustable ear straps. If you want safety as well as something that covers your nose and mouth. We have a winner. (also comes in camo and leopard)

Like a surgical mask but better. Cotton Citizen is known for creating some pretty comfy cotton clothing. It comes to no surprise that they have made masks of the same quality. The masks also have a moldable nose bridge giving you a more secure fit.

I actually ordered one of these last week. Between it being a multilayered mask, having a pocket for a filter, and also being really cute. It seemed like a no brainer. To make the deal even sweeter they donate a mask for every one that you purchase.

I saved the best for last, this mask is silicone with a n95 graded filter insert. Perfect for our nurses, teachers, pregnant mommas, and those who are immunocompromised. There ISN'T a valve so you can feel good about staying safe and keeping those around you safe too.

If you have another favorite mask brand please share all the good details with us. Poorly fitting masks being used as chin straps are about as good as a condom with the tip cut off..


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