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Same mission, Different Approach

Ross said it best

I get it, we are in the middle of a pandemic. Jobs are being cut, unemployment is higher than some of us have ever seen. Those of us who are high risk are washing our damn groceries and missing eating out. I'm so close to reaching 5 years of business (a major and exciting milestone) and now we have to pivot.

Our awesome open-gym vibe now has to change to a semi-private model, not only to follow guidelines enforced by our governor, but also to keep everyone safe and healthy.

I know we all want to return to "normal" but the reality is that COVID-19 presents many unknowns.  Experts are learning more each day about how to treat, prevent, and resume business, but as for now, we need to take things slow and help do our part to keep everyone safe.

I am hoping that you will all agree that safety is the most important factor at this time. As we learn more and are allowed to progressively open, things (rules, guidelines, etc.) change. While these adjustments are temporary, at this time we need to continue to work together to keep everyone healthy.  Look at it as practice, to see what works and what doesn’t work, before a potential “second wave” this winter. 

I have outlined all of the regulations provided to us below, as well as given different membership tiers to accommodate those who are high risk or have financial concerns.

Phase 2//Pivot

Temporary Until Phase 3

1. Semi-Private Training model

2. 5 people in a class unless there are multiple people from one household

3. Zoom and remote classes still offered

4. Personal Training prices will remain the same until further notice

*You will be billed for late cancels and no shows (the same 24 hr rule as before)

5. All regulations placed by Abbott will be enforced by myself and clients at all times. This means strict 25% capacity, higher cleaning standards, signs posted, gloves required, and masks encouraged.

6. Adult Membership prices will increase

-8 sessions/month= $160/month

-12 sessions/month=$240/month


*Family discount for family members who can workout in the same class/area together

7. Remote program/Zoom prices will increase to

-8 sessions/month=$100/month

-12 sessions/month=$150/month

*Family discounts

8. Teen athlete prices will remain the same at

-8 sessions/month=$200/month

-12 sessions/month=$240/month

9. Zoom access is for remote only clients

10. Mobility classes will be offered 1x week for free via Zoom and is included in all memberships

11. All members will maintain access to the private fb group and all programs/units so that they may workout more from home if desired.

12. All members will be required to use Mindbody App to reserve a spot in class. Members who no show will not be refunded their unused session as it takes away from someone who could have attended. We will offer a waitlist via the app for classes.

13. If you become sick, your membership will be put on hold with any credit applied to be used when you are well again.

-We are purchasing a sanitizing fogger to maintain a clean and safe environment

-We will post signs encouraging hand washing as requested by Abbott

-We will provide cleaning supplies to be used on all equipment after every use by members

-We will no longer be using yoga mats

Once we have the gym set up with smaller groups, we will post any available/excess equipment to rent out for remote members.

I hope you all understand that I see you all as my gym family. Things will return to normal, probably sooner rather than later. We will adjust prices and capacity limits in phase 3. I hope you all continue to see the value that SASC offers and will continue to trust me while we work through this.

Our Mindbody app is being set up and will be emailed out next week.

If you have questions or concerns please email me at

I will see you all the week of the 18th

With Love,

Coach Aubrey

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