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The health and safety of our clientele is our top priority.

We want to make sure you are aware there are no reported cases of coronavirus in San Angelo, Texas.

We are writing to provide you with steps our gym family can take when it comes to protecting against any known viruses or sicknesses.

This message is not to alarm anyone, but to inform you that we are remaining vigilant as we monitor the situation and seek information to further protect all members.

This is a rapidly evolving situation, with spring break and travel occurring now.

SASC is home to many individuals who feel they fall into the high risk category and I have spoken with a few members who are nervous and unsure if they should continue to workout during this time.

This is a notice to all members going forward, until the issue is resolved or better understood.

-If you are traveling by airport or train ,domestic or international, I ask that you not attend classes or PT sessions for 14 days.

-If you or your child is running a fever or has a cough, do not come to the gym. (I had sick kids come in this week, this is not ok.)

-SASC is now cleaned bi-weekly. We are providing sprays and wipes for you to use on your equipment after each use. Wipes, sprays, paper towels, and soaps will be in the kitchen.

- If this virus spreads to San Angelo we will close until the situation is under control. We will offer remote programming at our rate of $80-$100/month as well as rent out weights if a deposit or ACH is given.

I know I speak for many when I say that this is unexpected and something I was unprepared for. The last thing I want to do is ask members not to attend classes, but given the severity of the situation I prefer to err on the side of caution.

-Lastly, I personally know of 12 members who have chronic health conditions and take immunosuppressants, myself included. Please remain respectful during this time so that we may all enjoy our health, family, travel plans, and gym memberships!



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