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2020 Goal Directed Behavior

Handout #1

"If-then plan"

This exercise will help with better goal attainment.

It is easy to list your 2020 Resolutions..

The problem with this strategy is that only 8% of people achieve their goals. (per a study done by The University of Scranton)

It's not because you don't want to be successful. It is because you lack the steps to get you there.

So I've decided to show you all the steps needed to achieve your goals just as I did in 2019.

The first exercise is to list what your goal(s) is/are and then create a step that you must fulfill.

For example, I want to complete a marathon this year (health permitting).

So my page could read as "I will RUN MWF at 11:00 in the park.

As you can see I have just completed the first step of actually working to reach my goal.

Your first assignment is to fill out your page as it pertains to your goal(s).

*Bonus points if you share it in our secret FB group, as making your goal public actually increases your chances of achieving it.

** If your not a member but want to plan with us just print out a page that reads like this;

I will ____________ at ____________ in _____________.

Blank 1 is your ACTION

Blank 2 is the TIME this will occur

Blank 3 is the LOCATION you will do it



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