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50 Days

That's it. Just 50 days left in 2019.

As I reflect back on this past year I am filled with gratitude, happiness, and an appreciation for all that I have learned.

Like most of us there are some areas I wish I had focused more on. Areas of my life I had given more priority.

But, instead of dwelling on minor issues of the past, I set my eyes forward with a positive outlook on what is to come.

SASC has again evolved as a business over the last year. From small group classes with summer teen programs to a facility that specializes in youth and teen sport performance programs, personal training for those needing to rebuild, and a open gym concept that allows us to merge all of our clients together for a fun uplifting family environment.

I have created a reputation in town for being a coach who creates programs for those with autoimmune diseases, disability and those in the general population who want to get stronger, leaner, and healthier without all the novelty fads we see elsewhere.

Sure we have our seasons like any other business. From thriving chaotic bliss to colder months where people place fitness on the back burner.

I used to take this personal and sometimes still do, fully aware that I can only do so much to ensure the success of my clients. As always I have expectations of myself as well as expectations of my clients.

To clarify on this:

I will provide a safe lifting environment

I will provide program substitutions (within reason)

I will show up to class on time

I will check in on you when you've been absent

I will provide you with nutrition, training, and recovery tips

I ask you to

Attend class and PT sessions as allowed

Learn to have fun and enjoy training

Let me know if you're uncomfortable or in pain

Set realistic goals

Eat to support your goals at least 80% of the time

Should we both put in the work success is inevitable.

Should you not meet your end of these expectations, success might take longer than expected (which is ok), you might not like the process(try a different class), and you might decide to quit(your future self would like you to reconsider).

Thats it though. I cannot create programs that guarantee to burn more than you eat. I will not lie to you all in hopes of keeping my business open. I will not go to charity events and use it as a platform to promote my business.

You are with a no BS strength coach. I wish, not only as a trainer but as someone who has struggled with chronic health issues, that you could all understand how important it is to move daily, eat healthy most of the time, and just learn to love this process.

So with these expectations I ask you to make list of your priorities and goals for 2020.

Put it on your fridge or your bathroom mirror.

Give yourself time to achieve these, promise yourself to have fun in the process, learn from your mistakes, give yourself grace when you have setbacks, because you will, and determination to keep going after.

And remember, you're part of a badass fitness community. There are no drill sergeants yelling at you, rep counters, and instagram scrollers.

Just a 27yr old trainer who's learned extensively about functional anatomy and human movement in hopes of creating a stronger, healthier, more resilient community.

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