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New Program & Schedule Changes

Our new cycle is written and we are ready to move forward for the second part of 2019! 

We will be moving into a strength & bodybuilding hypertrophy cycle for the next 6 months. That’s six, four week micro cycles. 

Volume will progressively increase as we focus on primary bilateral movements and accessory unilateral & bilateral movements. 

Because volume is high this COULD lead to potential joint irritation if you have mobility deficits. As usual please let a coach know if something bothers you. We will have substitutions available.

Conditioning will be low intensity steady state cardio, primarily known as LISS. These are typically 20-40 minutes in duration and utilize low impact movements like the air bike, rower, running, ball/toe taps, sled pulls, etc. These workouts are great for fat loss as well as recovery which will play a vital role in this cycle. 

* If you’re having joint issues that are chronic please email me to set up an assessment and private sessions. Assessments are currently on sale at $200 and private sessions are still $60. I am only available on Fridays for mobility during the summer. 

We will be phasing out the scheduling app at the end of this month. 

Noon class will now only be on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

We are also taking Saturdays out of the schedule. Since our very first year of business it has been our slowest day of the week. I will be using that day to clean and program so I can take Sunday off from work. 

See you all next week. 

P.s. SASC is 4 years old! 

And yes that is our 1st location

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