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Why your Diet is Unsuccessful

Your Perspective:

You're eating around 800 calories and not losing weight.

You've made a food log and everything looks great. Coffee (5 calories) and an oatmeal cup for breakfast (158 calories), protein shake at lunch (120 calories), chicken with salad for dinner (388), protein shake before bed (120 calories).

You're working out, your diet is in check, and you expect drastic results, like yesterday.

But you're failing, the scale hasn't budged in weeks, you know your diet is great so it must be the gym or a broken metabolism. All that strength training and running isn't paying off. Maybe you should just quit. Send in that 30 days notice and be done with it. 

A Trainers Perspective:

I really need to sit down with Tom Ford and see where he is at nutrition wise. He claims he is on an 800 calorie diet!

It's completely unhealthy and short sighted. Tom finally agrees to bring in a food journal and I review his entries. 

Toms oatmeal is from Starbucks, it's not a standard cup of oats. It contains blueberries, nuts and agave (220 calories). His coffee is not black but actually has an undisclosed amount of cream and sugar (I estimate 248 calories). Tom got a protein shake from a local shop. They are health focused and make radical health claims about boosting his low T and removing stubborn belly fat. His shake is made with 2% milk, protein powder, chocolate syrup, and whip cream (522 calories). His chicken is cooked at home in a pan with olive oil because heart health and of course to prevent sticking, he uses spinach leaves and tomatoes but also says he adds ranch dressing and just a little bit of croutons on top (839 calories). His protein shake at home is made with whey and sweetened almond milk (240 calories).

Tom is actually eating 2,069 calories per day.

Tom is a man with a smaller frame who has a desk job and works out 2 hours per week.

While Tom is just an example. He is based on the average unsuccessful dieter. And a lot of people can relate to this story.

It's important to understand that it's not that you're not trying. It's not that the workouts you're doing don't work.

It's not that your metabolism is damaged (that's not real btw).

It's because you aren't in a calorie deficit.

It's because people tend to underestimate how much they are eating. 

It's because unethical sales people get you to try products and companies that promise an extra edge or quick fix without full understanding of the claims they make.

It's because dieting is confusing, but it's not impossible.

An honest, detailed food log will ALWAYS show us where we can improve. Reading labels, measuring and weighing your food will always keep you honest (and you MUST be honest). Moving around and exercising are the only promised and proven "products" that you can use to help you along the way.

If your situation sounds a lot like Toms and you're feeling lost please reach out to your coaches at SASC. We offer nutritional guidance, private meetings, and grocery store shopping lists included.

*and never accept a protein bar with false promises from your frenemies

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