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Mental Toughness

1) Negativity

"I can't do a push up."

"I hate running."

"I'm too old to do that."

These are just a few example of negative self talk. I hear it and I see it (body language speaks) every week.

To be honest, this is toxic.

How can someone overcome challenges if they constantly tell themselves they can't.

If you tell yourself something enough times, it becomes your reality.

So change that shit first.

As soon as you see a workout with running, tell yourself that you are going to give 100% today. Set a goal to get that first pull up or push up, and stop saying you're too old.

You're so capable of doing the damn thing.

2) Set Goals

I want real, realistic goals.

Long term goals are great and provide a sense of direction and purpose in your training. Where do you want to be in 1 year, do you want to get an assessment and fix some nagging joint pain? Do you want to lose 30 pounds?

Think about it, write it down, and then make a plan.

Short term goals are where the magic happens. It's the burrata to your toast.

You need short term goals to stay motivated. What do you want to accomplish this month? Every month should have a new goal, think of it as a stepping stone to your long term goal.

Without it, is like being stranded on an island and deciding you're just going to wing it, build a raft in a day and hope for the best.

Chuck Noland didn't do that shit and neither are you.

We don't want sink or swim situations. We want a plan, a course of action, and a persistent and patient mindset.

3) You will Fail

Yikes, do you wish I would have sugar coated that one?

Failure is part of the experience. I always tell new members that they will never know what they can do if they don't try. And it's true, ego aside, you need to try, you need to experience failure, and you need to reassess and then try again.

So what if you hop on that pull up bar and flop around like a perch out of water.

Now you know where you stand, and what is or isn't going to work.

4) Ask

Yes, that's what we are here for. Ask about your diet, ask about your mobility, ask about GoT, ask about... pretty much anything.

There is a reason so few people are successful in the gym when they do it on their own.

You wouldn't try to rewire your house, inject your own face with botox, or replace your cars transmission.

You seek help from a qualified professional.

The gym is the same way. While not all trainers are equal, you are all aware that there is a science to programming and weight loss or muscle gain. (There is nothing random about it.) If you have a goal, ask a professional for help.

"Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it."-

A. Dumbledore

(Yeah I just did that)

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