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Friday 7/20/18

Friday classes at SASC do strength training. As seen in previous posts, Conditioning occurs in various intensities to work different energy systems throughout our week (and on a larger spectrum to achieve specific goals throughout the cycle).

After warm up complete the workout in alphabetical order. If a letter has a number next to it you should be grouping those exercises together— AKA superset.

A. Deadlift 4x3@82%

B. Step ups 3x8/8

C. Back extension 3x15

D. Landmine Press 4x3@87%

E1. Upright row 3x15

E2. Front raise 3x12

F1. Tricep kickback 3x10/10

F2. Banded pull down 3x12

Today would be considered a hard day as volume is high.

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