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Wednesday 7/18/18

Today’s workout is focusing on cardiac output. Pacing yourself is key which is why farmers carries are worked into the rounds (to give you time to get your HR back down before the next run). Step ups should be done with a box or stack of weights that gives you at least 90 degrees of hip flexion (if you have the range to do so). 

**if you have a HR monitor stay within 130-150bpm

S&C class:

Bench press 4x3@87%

30 minute AMRAP

400 m Run

40 step ups (20/20)

200 m farmers carry

20 kbs 

Strength class:

A. Bench Press 4x3@87%

B. DB floor press 3x5 

C. Dips 3xmax

D1. DB Row 3x12

D2. Scarecrow, prone angels, or swimmers 3x15

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