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Tuesday 7/17/18

Todays workout is a 20 minute EMOM

You will be alternating movements each minute until you’ve complete 4 rounds. 

Minute 1) 3-5 Ring Pull ups 

Minute 2) 6-8 landmine Squats 

Minute 3) 6-8 landmine strict press 

Minute 4) 6-8 landmine strict press

Minute 5) :30-:40 RKC plank 

If mobility is cleared you can do overhead strict press instead of landmine. 

While landmine press looks less effective that is far from the truth. Because it is important to have strength ratios we work landmine overhead press as often as we do bench press at SASC. A landmine press offers us a safe alternative to a military press as most of the general population is lacking shoulder flexion. 

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