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GPP or SPP? Which gym is for me?

Have you heard of the term GPP?

It's thrown around a lot by coaches. They try to get you into their gym by using fancy terms about programming, your body, "functional training", and maybe even hormones. 

You are clueless to what they are talking about but they sound really smart so you throw a couple hundred bucks at 'em and sign a 12 month contract.

Sound familiar?

I'd hope not, but let's face it.. This happens daily. 

So let's break it down a little shall we?

GPP stands for General Physical Preparedness. It basically means that its for general fitness. It's a well balanced program intended to keep you fast, strong, mobile, as well as improve your endurance.

Our gym uses GPP for our small group classes. We incorporate all factors that imrpove your general fitness level. It's the perfect type of programming for the general population. It takes into account your desk job, your hobbies, and the most common injuries people are dealing with to keep your body healthy, happy, and ideally pain free.

The problem with this term is that some gyms use it even though they are actually incorporating SPP programs. 

SPP is specific physical preparedness. It's the type of program you give an athlete that wants to improve in a specific sport. For example; soccer, golf, crossfit, etc.

If you're a person who just wants to feel better in every day life, lose weight, improve your score on a PT test, etc then find a coach who understands what you're looking for.

If you consider yourself an athlete who needs to become better at specifc work (HSPU, 40 yard dash, pitching velocity, etc) then a SPP program is for you. 

Don't let the lingo fool you. There are multiple gyms, online training groups, and hobbies that can keep you healthy and happy. You just need to find the one that is truly best for you. 

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