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Our gym rules, from all of our amazing, hard working members, to coach Aubreys fun and engaging programming, to Austins awesome cleaning skills. I truly feel blessed to be able to do something I'm so passionate about.

But, todays blog isn't about how amazing we all are, it's about actual rules that everyone is expected to follow to keep the gym clean, safe, and fun!

1. Be Respectful.

 Gym equipment isn't cheap. You aren't awarded a badge of honor for breaking anything. 

Don't drop an empty barbell and please don't put drinks on the turf.

2. Put things back the way you found them aka clean up after yourself.

We know that sometimes kettlebells and dumbbells get out of order, and that's ok, but please at least attempt to put things back where they go. Don't leave your equipment out, roll (don't fold) the yoga mats up after we stretch, and throw your water bottles, and used tissues away in the proper bin. 

3. Leave your ego at home.

I feel like this goes without saying. My goal as a gym owner is to help everyone that walks into my door become a healthier, happier version of themselves. If you have ANY nagging injuries PLEASE let me know! There is always something else that you can do! Don't ever force anything, and don't get mad at your body for not being able to do what you once could. Strength, mobility, losing weight, gaining muscle...anything that you will ever do in the gym will take time. If you're wanting a quick and overnight fix you might want to go try a 30 day squat challenge and a fat burner pill from the supplement store. 

4. Listen to your coach.

As we continue to grow and start expanding, you will start having other coaches and interns teaching and helping with the classes. While I know that I do not know everything, I am very receptive of other ideas, and I am usually open to trying new things with our programming. With that being said, I ask that you trust me. Ask as many questions as you want. My job is to help you. Our strength training is done at each individuals own pace, with that being said, some people finish more quickly than others. Our conditioning work is done together. This creates a more positive and encouraging enviroment. So I ask that you be patient, and allow the other members time to finish their strength work, and go over technique concerns with me. 

When everyone is ready we will begin together. If you do not like this aspect of our small group training, please speak with me about switching to our strength class or personal training.

5. Give adequate notice when you can't make your personal training sessions. I get it, sometimes you get sick, your car breaks down, or you can't get out of work on time. If you have a booked session and miss it, you will not be refunded. Since I put my work schedule first it is only fair that my time be respected. 

6. Follow these rules.

That's really it. In the 2 years that we have been open I have only had to fire 3 clients. It is an awkward and undesirable situation to be in, but to preserve my name, my business, the quality of training you recieve, and the safety of others and yourself, it is something I will do if needed. 

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know!

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