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Thursday 7/26/18

Enjoying deload so far? After your warm up today we are doing mobility work for thoracic extension. Set up with a bench and a barbell and wait for everyone to get ready. Conditioning is 3 rounds not for time 40m prowler push or 60m prowler pull 3:00 run or row 1:00 plank or dead bug 50m farmers carry each side If you have a HR watch wear it. Goal is to stay below 150bpmn

Wednesday 7/25/18

We are continuing our deload with a strength training Wednesday. A. Bench press 3x3@70% B1. Chest supported row 2x12 B2. Banded face pull 2x15 C. Seated muscle cleans 2x12 If your elbow is not cleared for cleans 1. Sub with 12 low pulls and 12 curls with emphasis on supination at the top. 2. Mobility training to fix the issue.

Monday 7/23/18

It’s deload week! Make sure you are on a light template day if you’re in the nutrition challenge. Back squat 3x4@65% 15 minute AMRAP 200m run Max ring row 200m run Max incline push ups Strength: A. BSQ 3x4@65% B. Reverse Lunges 2x10/10 C. Hip Thrust 2x12 D. Sit up w/ shoulder flexion 2x15 Side note- Quimby is riding across Iowa this week. 💪🏼💪🏼She rode 43 miles yesterday. We will post periodic updates on her travels with her team! Also look at the piggy she found!

Saturday 7/21/18

Saturday’s at SASC are to make up missed workouts or to do extra conditioning and mobility training. 4 rounds with a low intensity effort 8:00 run, bike, row 1:00 walk

Friday 7/20/18

Friday classes at SASC do strength training. As seen in previous posts, Conditioning occurs in various intensities to work different energy systems throughout our week (and on a larger spectrum to achieve specific goals throughout the cycle). After warm up complete the workout in alphabetical order. If a letter has a number next to it you should be grouping those exercises together— AKA superset. A. Deadlift 4x3@82% B. Step ups 3x8/8 C. Back extension 3x15 D. Landmine Press 4x3@87% E1. Upright row 3x15 E2. Front raise 3x12 F1. Tricep kickback 3x10/10 F2. Banded pull down 3x12 Today would be considered a hard day as volume is high.

Thursday 7/19/18

Today is a moderate training day focusing on what I call “engine work”. We are doing interval conditioning training. S&C: 4 rounds 4:00 on 2:00 off 40m prowler pull 100 toe taps Max DB cleans (power position- no squatting- moderate weight) Strength class is make up from yesterday.

Wednesday 7/18/18

Today’s workout is focusing on cardiac output. Pacing yourself is key which is why farmers carries are worked into the rounds (to give you time to get your HR back down before the next run). Step ups should be done with a box or stack of weights that gives you at least 90 degrees of hip flexion (if you have the range to do so). **if you have a HR monitor stay within 130-150bpm S&C class: Bench press 4x3@87% 30 minute AMRAP 400 m Run 40 step ups (20/20) 200 m farmers carry 20 kbs Strength class: A. Bench Press 4x3@87% B. DB floor press 3x5 C. Dips 3xmax D1. DB Row 3x12 D2. Scarecrow, prone angels, or swimmers 3x15

Tuesday 7/17/18

Todays workout is a 20 minute EMOM You will be alternating movements each minute until you’ve complete 4 rounds. Minute 1) 3-5 Ring Pull ups Minute 2) 6-8 landmine Squats Minute 3) 6-8 landmine strict press Minute 4) 6-8 landmine strict press Minute 5) :30-:40 RKC plank If mobility is cleared you can do overhead strict press instead of landmine. While landmine press looks less effective that is far from the truth. Because it is important to have strength ratios we work landmine overhead press as often as we do bench press at SASC. A landmine press offers us a safe alternative to a military press as most of the general population is lacking shoulder flexion.


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