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Anything but bland

Everyone in Texas loves mexican food. If you don't then you're either not Texan or my friend. Take your pick.. Green Chili Enchiladas What you'll need: Corn tortillas Green Chilis (frozed section of market street or HEB- there is Mild or Hot ) 2% shredded cheese chicken breast 1 small sweet onion (optional) garlic clove (optional) water or chicken stock 1-2 T cornstarch, arrowroot powder or flour (these are thickening agents) salt Step 1: Boil chicken breast in a pot of water. Step 2: Put green chilis in pan with approx. 1 cup of water or chicken stock on simmer. Step 3: Dice onion and garlic. Add garlic and salt to your green chili pan. Step 4: Once chicken is fully cooked, drain water and

Healthy Eating

I try to refrain from using the word "diet". There seems to be a negative connection with that word. Eating less, being hungry, feeling tired during workouts, binging and giving up only to start again a few months later. You can likely relate because we've all been there. Going forward we are going to talk about eating healthy.. I did a survey with members recently. The first three questions were; 1. What are your goals, A) fat loss B) muscle gain or c) weight maintenance. Question 2. Do you understand caloric balance and question 3. in the last 60 days has your weight, A) increased B) decreased or C) stayed the same. Now, it got tricky when a majority of people stated they understood calori


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